Monday, March 15, 2010

DIY The Look: Lesson 2

To get this look all you need is a top that doesn't have any graphics on it, the desired image (Reversed), a Printer, Iron-on transfer paper, Scissors, and an Iron.

1. Test the image by printing on regular paper first.
2. If necessary, resize the image so that it fits on one sheet of  paper.
3. Put transfer paper into the printer and print image again.
4. While the picture prints lay the top on an ironing board as you would when ironing it.
5. Place a piece of paper under the spot you plan to put the iron on to prevent bleeding.
6.  Place the transfer on the top with the image facing the fabric
7. Iron the transfer on following transfer paper package directions.

Tip: To help the transfer last longer, outline the transfer with fabric paint.

Oh, and don't forget send a pic of your masterpiece!

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