Wednesday, May 25, 2011

DIY (SIN)spiration #1

There are just too many things that are so DIY-able, its sinful. Why use the rent money on a new pair of shoes, when it can be made in a day for $3? Yeah, I thought so....
Here is this week's (SIN)spiration:
 Christian Louboutin Glitter Pumps: 

Now, That bad boy retails at a financially crippling (if you're a college kid like me) $795.
Here's the alternative (Which will cost you less than $40):
First you need some pumps shaped similarly to the ones above. Something like these:

You'll also need:
Loose glitter
Outdoor Mod Podge (for water resistance)
Paint brushes
A disposable container

1. Mix the Glitter with the Modge Podge in the disposable container (This ensures that the glitter stays put when you put it on the shoe. Be sure to mix in a lot of Glitter!!)
2. Use the paintbrush to paint the glitter mixture onto the shoes.
3. Let dry
4. Inspect the shoes. Fill in any missed spots and let dry again.
5. Paint a final thin layer of Modge Podge on the shoes, let dry and WEAR THEM!!

This techinque was developed by Annie Spandex, check her out!!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Bloggers Do IT Better: Prep School

So I've officially joined the Bloggers Do It Better movement on PrettyShinySparkly.
The first challenge: the preppy look.
I was so excited to do this challenge because I have an AFFINITY for preppy clothing. My closet has been overtaken by blazers, and I just got a new one yesterday (Will post a pic I promise). Fortunately for me, I gave all my ties away, except for the one my friend wouldn't take. On my most recent thrift store visit, I saw the prettiest pleated peach skirt, and fell in love. I also saw its black twin and left it (Big Mistake? All the skirts in this store are $2!!!). I realized that it would go really, really well with my favorite (red) blazer, another relatively recent thrift store find. So I had the tie, the blazer, the skirt, and two pairs of shoes (My docs, and my Worthingtons), all I needed was a button-up. After much debate, I went with my pleated off-white button-up. I was curious to see how pleating on a shirt and a skirt would look together. This is how the outfits turned out:
My new favorite skirt. Peep the Worthingtons on my feet, I wear them every other day (So darn comfortable)!!

Did I mention that sometime during the wicked school year that I finally got my docs?? The vest was in my campus thrift store, THANK YOU, OAKWOOD!!

Well, I was feeling like quite the school girl, so I put on a couple of nerdy glasses to remember the good old school days (Yes, I was a nerd...the one everyone laughed at. Good times!!) 

Oh and there is the matter of the bowtie....I tied it out of a necktie......
And that is all Folks!! Oh and in case you are wondering, everything I wore is thrifted.
( ^-^)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

DIY The Look: Lesson 10

Hey folks!!! After, Like, a year I'm back!! Here's my latest projects as published.

Here's how to do it:
Paint Brush (The bigger the better)
Scrubbing Brush

Uh, your JEANS?

First you need to dampen your jeans. Pour some bleach into a bowl to get started....
Lay your jeans out on a surface that won't be affected by bleach. Take your scrubbing brush and "scrub" both sides of both of the legs of your jeans. Let it sit until the jeans are 2-3 shade lighter than before. Rinse them and survey the damage your work.
Like it? Good! You are ready to bleach!!
Here are the two techniques I used:

This one is simple: Just dip the paintbrush in bleach and "throw" the bleach onto the jeans (using the paintbrush) as you would if you were splatter painting. Let it sit until you see white. 

Tie dye:
To do the tie dye technique I scrunched the legs of my jeans up like this:

Then using my paintbrush, I painted the exposed fabric with bleach. After this, I let it sit for ten minutes, turned the jeans over and let sit for another ten minutes. When I was satisfied with the color, I rinsed the bleach out.

Wash your jeans and wear them =)


Friday, May 13, 2011

Stuff I like #1: Spike Turbans

I's gunna git me one o' those one day!! dey's purty!!
Get This awesomeness here.
Support handmade!!


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