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Recycle your clothes!!
Got clothing that you want to get rid of? Here are some ways to get rid of them and maybe get some cash or new duds in their stead.
  • A Garage Sale: Just set up shop in your front yard and sell what you don't use!
  • Host a Clothing Swap: Invite a couple of friends over, have them bring their unused clothes, and swap 'til you drop!
  • Donate your clothing to a Charity Shop: Send your unused items down to your local Goodwill or Salvation Army. Some churches also collect old clothing to give to the needy. I hear from some older folk that this can become a hearty tax break....
  • Sell them at a consignment shop: At a consignment shop and if your clothing sells, you will receive a percentage of the profits!
  • Pass it down the family Tree! Good old hand-me-downs! Nothing beats getting a nice dress from an aunt, or a pair shoes from a cousin.
  • Up-cycle: Simply put, make older things into new things. Here are some projects to get you started:

American Apparel inspired scarf
Fringe Scarf


Elle Runway inspired Hair Accessories (Elle Magazine) 

The Infinity Dress (Rostitchery)
Super Simple Shirt Dress

No Sew T-shirt Fringe Dress

Studded Sleeve Top 
Graphic Tops
Slit Sleeve Pullover

Distressed studded Jeans (SteffMetal) 


PDA Pouch

30 minute Fabric Necklace (Small Magazine) 
T-shirt Necklace



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