Monday, March 22, 2010

DIY The Look: Lesson 3

I have naturally kinky-coily hair, and have just loosed it from a three week twist-out. I was looking around the web for my next hair styling idea and came across these:

 They are called Curlformers. There is alot of talk in the curly community about the curl definition this product gives, without any heat or mess. Peep the results:
 This lady has a naturally kinky hair texture. See how nice and straight her roots are?
Did I mention that this works on all hair textures? JACKPOT!!!!

But at £35.50 (British Pounds, approximately $53.32 USD) What is a broke diva to do?

Well there are FREE alternatives. Yup, all you need to do is look around your household....

You can use 1 of three things: strips of fabric (Fiber free), strips of newspaper, or strips of plastic (Plastic bags, freezer bags, etc.)
Make sure to moisturize you hair beforehand. A little gel for hard to curl hair will also do.

Note: If you have hair that tends to frizz, wet and mousse your hair beforehand. But, don't use newpaper strips!!

The instructions are simple:
1. Roll your hair on the strip the way you would with a curler.
2. Securely tie the ends of the strip in a loose knot
3. Tie your hair down and sleep on it.
4. Take out and style.

Now, there are other ways to cheaply curl hair i.e. Straws, soda cans, pipe cleaners, but we'll save that for another post... 

And of course if you'd like to make the investment and get yourself a pack, head on over to the curlformers hompage. or Sally's Beauty.

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