Monday, April 05, 2010

DIY the look: Lesson 5

Today we'll DIYing the slash-back cardigan. Is really simple, all you need is tailor's chalk, a razor, and a long fly away cardigan.

Got the stuff? Lets go!

1. Draw a Straight vertical line down the middle of the cardigan's back.
2. Starting at approximately three inches below the neck line, dot the line making the dots three inches apart    from each other. These will help mark where the slashes are going to be.
3. On the first dot mark a horizontal line the size of the slash mark you plan to make (I'd recommend about 5 inches)
4. Continue marking slash lines along the dots (Note: You can do just about anything with the slash line including making shapes!)
5. Once you have finished marking your slash lines, use your razor and slash that thang up!!!
6. Wash the cardigan to remove any stray fibers.

You've just saved $1,735!!


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