Monday, April 12, 2010

DIY the look: Lesson 6

Items in this set:
Stud Shoulder Crop Tee, $40
Mink Turn Up Casual Shorts, 22 GBP
Beth Natural Heart Shoes, 170 GBP
Large fabric bag Women, $770
Superb Vintage Ted Lapidus Paris Black Gold Sunglasses, 140 GBP

Today we are going to DIY the Stud Shoulder Crop Tee. To get this look all you need is a top, preferably a tee or a button up. A plain muscle shirt could also work. You also need studs and  tweezers/pliers. To buy studs at cheap prices check out Crust Punks, Studs and Spikes, or Angry Young and Poor, where you can buy them under five dollars in bulk. Absolutely do not bother buying the bedazzler (Just saying.)! Also try holding on to those old studded belts, studs can be recycled.

Ready? Let's go!

1. Mark out where you will place your studs (Around pockets and on the seams are great places). Hit the web for some inspiration if you are stuck. Once you know where you are putting your studs, it’s time to put them in.

Note: The underside of the stud has two spokes.

2. You are going to put the stud over the place you plan to put it with the spokes poking out the underside of the fabric.

3. Push the spokes through and turn to the underside.

4. Use your pliers or tweezers to push those spokes in so that the underside looks like my favorite emoticon : >.<
Continue to stud along your marking until you are finished

5. Wear that thing!!

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