Monday, April 26, 2010

DIY the look: Lesson 8

This week on DIY the look, We are going to explore ways to make the above necklace. Here is the tutorial for the the base necklace (There is a link at the top tutorial, ignore it, the tutorial follows).

You can trick out your new necklace the following ways:
1. Stud it (Will look something like the necklace above.)
2. Add necklace Charms
3. Combine multiple colors (Just cut each strip shorter, wrap and then combine) 
4. Add beads.
5. add chains or pearls to the necklace
6. Add a bow or flower

Best of all, this can be made in under two hours!!
If fact I made a variation for myself! (Pics will be posted sometime this week)
I'd love to see some pictures or your versions of this rad necklace!

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