Tuesday, July 20, 2010

DIY the Look: American Apparel Edition pt 1.

American Apparel Acid Wash Scarf
So I saw this scarf while scroll shopping on the American Apparel page.....
Oh American Apparel!
What's a sista to say about you?
That your $40 dresses cost me $3 or less to make?
That I can make most of the stuff in you in less than 1 hour? Alas, the musings are endless!
But seriously, American Apparel was the original inspiration behind the whole DIY the look series. Before I started blogging, my home gurl Roro and I would troll the shop nearby our school and I would marvel at how much stuff I could totally make at home. Then I started noticing the same thing in other stores. Then I found tons of fabric........

The rest is history.

Anyway, on to the DIY:

Heres what you'll need:
1 T-shirt
Bleach in a bowl
Scrub brush
Rubber gloves

1. Wet your t-shirt and ring out some water.
2. Dip the brush into the bleach and let any excess drain off
3. In a slashing motion, lightly "scrub" random areas of your shirt, until you have "scrubbed" every section of the shirt.
4. Let it soak, and check for color change until you are satisfied.
5. Wash and dry.
6. Cut the bottom of the shirt using the following instructions:

Hey, keep the top piece as a cropped top! Layer it with some t-shirts, or wear it just so!

Btw, you will be seeing quite a few more of these American Apparel DIYs, at least until I find somewhere else to pick on.......


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