Thursday, July 01, 2010

The Vintage Plan: Executed

Hey ya'll. Ya girl Faith Li is in NYC, and decided to put the vintage plan into action.




Remember that Goodwill Outlet I mentioned? It is now my favorite Store. I've spent about $43 in that shop and am now scheming ways to carry 3 big bags of stuff back to GA! I am really psyched about the place, I mean I've gone twice and each time just gets better. However, I'd only go for clothing and bags, the shoes leave alot to be desired.....I do love the vintage suit cases I've seen there, most costing a whopping $4 (Yeah, I know, expensive right?) Have I mentioned my Coach, Louis Vuitton , Burberry (which I now OWN), and Christian Dior sightings? I saw some other big brands too but I can't remember them all. I also saw some  dope Gap, Old Navy and H&M stuff. Any way, reserve an hour (Or two) and look for an outlet near you!!!

Some of my proudest finds:

100% Italian Leather Bag 
(The Cousin is now the proud owner)

Vintage Giorgio Sant Angelo

Alice and Olivia 
(The cousin recieved this one gladly)

Lark & Wolff by Steven Alan
(I love this!!)

My New school bag about $4
(Thought I'd have to go to a vintage shop for one of these!!)

I stopped by No Relation and Buffalo Exchange just to cover my bases and heres my report:

No Relation: Three cheers for $10 Vintage dresses!!! And you WILL find at least five dress you like, I saw like twenty, but that Goodwill outlet spoiled me, I dare not buy another dress unless it is from there.....But If you aren't cheap like me, give the place a holler whenever you hit NYC.

Buffalo Exchange: Before I give my personal verdict, I must tell you a story. While shopping at the Goodwill Outlet I saw this pretty tank dress and picked it up, but I eventually put it back because I figured I wouldn't wear it, (Though it was really light and would probably cost  like 10 cents). Well, after looking through some stuff at Buffalo Exchange I see a girl with the same dress which would cost upwards of  $11 there. Moral: if you like it, pick the dang thing up. Now, back to my five second review. After my knowledge of the existence of the Goodwill Outlet, this place would be my go to for jewelry, shoes, and hair stuff. Imagine getting a $50 pair of sneakers for $21 or a $150 pair of Boots for $40. That is what Buffalo exchange can do for you.

But seriously, your vintage-thrift-store-loving life will NOT be complete without finding a Goodwill Outlet.

Now to troll the streets of Atlanta to find an equivalent...........

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