Monday, March 28, 2011

Tired of My Jeans Wearing Out!! (How to keep those jeans living long!)


I can only blame myself for buying cheap jeans that probably wouldn't last to long in the first place, but can't a sista' get a little longevity? I've decided to go ahead and thrift the next set I'm buying so that I can buy the better quality brands. But in the mean time, I was looking for ways to increase the life span of my jeans and I found this suggestion in a forum:

"May I suggest that you try to get as much life as possible life out of your cloth by altering your washing procedure?
Here's my rules for washing denim:
1) Wash only when you absolutely have to. I wash my jeans maybe once a month in the summer and stretch it out longer in the winter, maybe once every four months. This may sound gross, but I let my pants hang up between washings so they can air out, it keeps them reasonable for public occasions. A cold water soak (no detergent or agitation) can do wonders also.
2) When I must wash, I wash them inside-out cold water in Woolite Dark Colors detergent on gentle. Some argue that you shouldn't put them on spin, I'm not quite that hard core.
3) Never, ever put them in the dryer. Let them air dry.
I can keep a pair of Levi's going for 2 years using this procedure, and my APC's still look brand new."

Some other suggestions included smearing all-purpose glue on the area that is most susceptible to wear, or sewing on iron-on patches (then ironing the area). I'm Trying all of these!! going to get around to trying some of these techniques.
How do you keep your jeans alive?

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