Thursday, May 19, 2011

Bloggers Do IT Better: Prep School

So I've officially joined the Bloggers Do It Better movement on PrettyShinySparkly.
The first challenge: the preppy look.
I was so excited to do this challenge because I have an AFFINITY for preppy clothing. My closet has been overtaken by blazers, and I just got a new one yesterday (Will post a pic I promise). Fortunately for me, I gave all my ties away, except for the one my friend wouldn't take. On my most recent thrift store visit, I saw the prettiest pleated peach skirt, and fell in love. I also saw its black twin and left it (Big Mistake? All the skirts in this store are $2!!!). I realized that it would go really, really well with my favorite (red) blazer, another relatively recent thrift store find. So I had the tie, the blazer, the skirt, and two pairs of shoes (My docs, and my Worthingtons), all I needed was a button-up. After much debate, I went with my pleated off-white button-up. I was curious to see how pleating on a shirt and a skirt would look together. This is how the outfits turned out:
My new favorite skirt. Peep the Worthingtons on my feet, I wear them every other day (So darn comfortable)!!

Did I mention that sometime during the wicked school year that I finally got my docs?? The vest was in my campus thrift store, THANK YOU, OAKWOOD!!

Well, I was feeling like quite the school girl, so I put on a couple of nerdy glasses to remember the good old school days (Yes, I was a nerd...the one everyone laughed at. Good times!!) 

Oh and there is the matter of the bowtie....I tied it out of a necktie......
And that is all Folks!! Oh and in case you are wondering, everything I wore is thrifted.
( ^-^)

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