Sunday, May 15, 2011

DIY The Look: Lesson 10

Hey folks!!! After, Like, a year I'm back!! Here's my latest projects as published.

Here's how to do it:
Paint Brush (The bigger the better)
Scrubbing Brush

Uh, your JEANS?

First you need to dampen your jeans. Pour some bleach into a bowl to get started....
Lay your jeans out on a surface that won't be affected by bleach. Take your scrubbing brush and "scrub" both sides of both of the legs of your jeans. Let it sit until the jeans are 2-3 shade lighter than before. Rinse them and survey the damage your work.
Like it? Good! You are ready to bleach!!
Here are the two techniques I used:

This one is simple: Just dip the paintbrush in bleach and "throw" the bleach onto the jeans (using the paintbrush) as you would if you were splatter painting. Let it sit until you see white. 

Tie dye:
To do the tie dye technique I scrunched the legs of my jeans up like this:

Then using my paintbrush, I painted the exposed fabric with bleach. After this, I let it sit for ten minutes, turned the jeans over and let sit for another ten minutes. When I was satisfied with the color, I rinsed the bleach out.

Wash your jeans and wear them =)


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