Sunday, November 22, 2009

That One Black (Technological) Kid

Yesterday my life as I know it changed.

I was in blockbuster with my cousins choosing movies to watch when suddenly I saw it. $19.95 per month for unlimited texting and e-mail. The Peek mobile e-mailing device! I am soooooooooooooooooo getting one. I'm a college kid and frankly spending $70 to be able to get out of the house and off my computer is so last year. I mean, that is what I was paying to read my e-mail and text on the go. Not anymore!!! The best part is that the latest device costs $59.95, or for a one-time payment of $299 on amazon, you can use your peek device for life, even if you upgrade to a new device! Too bad my father looked at me like I was crazy when I said this will change my life.....May be I was exaggerating a bit.........

Ain't it purrrty?

Now I like the job the company had done so far on the device, but I'd like this device to really rival smartphones because I know the peek can easily rival smartphones and take the college kid market with a few tweaks.
First I suggest a calendar. A college kid would be able to enter important things like assignment due dates and events on the calender and keep track of it.

A Web browser would eliminate a person's need for a smartphone once and for all. Even if that is the only new feature added, I'd by the peek in a heartbeat.

I'd like some type of notepad or word processing. I'm the type who writes editorials and other compositions on the go, I would be sold if I could write them on my peek and either load it on my pc or e-mail it to myself
A micro sd card slot would be great then memory would not much of an issue

I would like to see The pronto in the same colors that the classic had or if that is not possible, customizable skins would make me a very happy woman!!

Now, honestly, I've got to say from experience that with iphone and android phones on the market, college kids love the idea of accessing their favorite social networking sites and youtube from their mobile devices. If you can get apps for facebook, youtube, twitter and myspace going, then the college market will follow. Also college students tend to use their mobile devices to listen to music, take pictures, and record video, so some might prefer to stay with their super expensive monthly plans if  they don't get a device with the features they want, which, could turn out to be a big disavantage. Us college kids love multifunctinal devices. Of course for those who like the peek the way it is, models like the classic and the pronto should be kept in stock.

Thats it for me! Life, I officially love you!

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