Friday, November 27, 2009

That One Black (Vegetarian) Kid

Yes, I am black. Yes, I am a vegetarian.
I don't know what annoys me more, the serious shock that I don't enjoy a bucket of fried chicken daily, or the "But aren't you from the caribbean?" quips that follow.

Do you know what makes life even better?

Most people actually have the nerve to ask if I didn't like chicken.

And the audience goes, "No way!"

Yes way.

Here's my deal: My mother became a vegetarian when she was 10 years old and as a result, I was literally born a lacto-ovo vegetarian (Vegetarian who eats dairy products). So roll in the questions boys:

Do you do it for the animals?


Are you a health freak?


I will now take the opportunity to declare that not all vegetarians are white, tree-hugging, animal-loving, ego maniacs. Vegetarians come from all races, religions, and personalities. And so after a good rant, I sign out.

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