Friday, November 27, 2009

Way to go Disney (finally) a black princess!!!

So reading one of my favorite blogs, The Black Snob, I saw a post regarding Disney's latest Princess (Tiana) who is african american. I've got to say that while I was quite surprised by the length of time it has taken Disney to create a black heroine and the seemingly calculated timing (eh hem Black President), I've been wondering why so many people were offended by Disney's retelling of "The Princess and the frog."

Well I got my answer.....

And I'm not surprised.

The fact that Tiana is not in human form for the majority of the film (After she kisses the frog prince she turns into a frog) offends some, and while I honestly don't understand why that is such a big concern, I respect it. But what bugs me is that Prince Naveen's not being african american is a  BIG problem.

What is this 1947?

From the previews I've seen, Naveen is a handsome brown skinned fellow and he ain't american. Period. SO WHAT IS THE BIG DEAL? We all know that the closest thing we have to royalty in this country is the president! Making Naveen an african american would have changed the movie's plot significantly. I would have understood if the controversy was surrounding the fact that disney hasn't had an african american prince/hero EVER, but the issue seems to be the relationship that will obviously result from Naveen and Tiana's adventure. COME ON! I mean does a black princess need a black prince? Are interracial relationships wrong? I'm convinced that if Naveen was indeed an african american, the protest would be that Disney thinks black princesses belong with black princes. I don't recall this much protest when Pocahontas came out!
If you are going to pull the race card, please do it when there is actually a problem!

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  1. dying to see this movie!

    i'm really glad it takes place in new orleans



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