Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas!!- The Kid's Diary pt.One

The Eve of Christmas is upon us and I must say that I am thrilled, and not so thrilled. There are two things wrong this christmas:
1) I'm Sick TT.TT
2) My mom isn't here

For those of you who didn't know, March, 03, of this year, my mother died after a long battle with ovarian cancer, and christmas time has alot of memories for me. It was around this time last year, that my mother and I visited  our homeland, Trinidad WI. For my mother, it was the first time in 14 years, and it would be the last time. My mother took a turn for the worst in Trinidad, and while we spent our christmas over in Tobago we soon realized that my mother could no longer keep any food down because the chemotherapy had caused seven ulcers. I'm gonna spare you the rest of the tragic details, because I'm not trying to ruin christmas for anybody, but hear me out for a sec. My mother's passing gave me a new perspective on life. It taught me that life isn't about success, money, or fame. Those things will come and go. Its the same for christmas. Don't get me wrong, if someone were to give me an iPod touch, or a new laptop (Which I desperately need) I wouldn't refuse! But Christmas is not about the presents or the eggnog. Christmas is about love.
Yes, I know I said love.
Think about it. When you buy those presents, you give them to people who are important to you. You spend time on christmas eve with people you care about, and you call those you've thought about. That is love. I can't quite explain my reasoning on this one. But no matter who I spend christmas with, I'll always remember the christmases I had with my Mother, and how important it was to me that I spend them with her. I couldn't possibly be with all my loved ones because we are hundreds (Some thousands) of miles apart, but I love all my family, my blog family and my friends just the same.
So to all those who read this, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Now go celebrate, and drink some eggnog on my behalf!!

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  1. what a beautiful big family :) merry xmas ! xx



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