Sunday, November 29, 2009

The rant about standing out

             It's ridiculous that so many years after the civil rights movement black people (As a whole) are still having a hard time identifying themselves. Well, I've got a message for my nation. The color of your skin is not who you are, its WHAT you are. It seems to me that a large number of the black people I know think that the music they listen to, the way that they dress and speak define how black they are. News flash: Got honey colored skin? Hip-hop WILL NOT turn it to a darker shade of chocolate. Got chocolate colored skin? Speaking properly WILL NOT change it into the lightest shade of caramel. If you were born black you will die black. Then apart from the people who try to define the color of their skin, there are the people who let the color of their skin define them. Being black does not equal glass ceilings. I can't tell you how many people have cheated themselves out of success, all because they were convinced the the color of their skin would keep them back. Before we are black, we are men and women and each one of us is different. So switch it up, be unique, and dude: its okay to be that one black kid
To be continued

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