Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Name has changed!

For those of you who have been following me, you've probably noticed that for the new year, I've revamped the old blog. Some of you may be wondering why I've changed the name from "That One Black (Caribbean) Kid" to "One Black Carnation". Honestly I really wasn't quite satisfied with labeling myself as "That one black caribbean kid" when I'm so much more than that. So I decided not to label myself. Here is how the new name ties in:
There are no natural occurances of literal black carnations in nature, "black carnations" are really a deep purple. The meaning of a purple carnation is capriciousness.
Let us define capricious, shall we?
1 : governed or characterized by impulse or whim
     a : lacking a rational basis
     b : likely to change suddenly
2 : not supported by the weight of evidence or established rules of law
So am I a black carnation? Yes. In fact we are all black carnations because when it comes to personal identity, there are no rules. You are who you are regardless of what the percieved "norm" is.
And thus, One Black Carnation is the name.

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