Friday, November 27, 2009

Finally Saw Chris Rock's "Good Hair"

I finally saw "Good hair" and real talk, I think Chris Rock could have had something. If he interviewed more sisters like me who wear their hair natural, interviewed more people of other races (Not just korean) about their views of natural black hair, this could have become a true investigation of the roots of the black woman's view of beauty and "Good hair". But instead it became a tyraide against the black hair industry and black women themselves. Honestly, as I discovered that the opening scenes focused on a hair show I was quite perplexed because I couldn't see just what chronicling a hair competition could say about what black women think of natural hair. Pointing out that the majority of hair care products for black women are retailed by Koreans, good. Documenting where the hair in human hair weaves comes from, moving. Trying unsuccessfully to sell natural hair, kinda insulting (The intended reaction). Hair show...what? And the misses kept coming. I applaud Mr. Rock for putting visuals to the truths about perms and weaves. I can't complain hearing all the negativity surrounding natural hair, because it is what people think. I just wish that the two points the documentary were supposed to drive home were...driven home. Chris Rock successfully pointed out that the hair industry (Not represented by blacks) has indeed exploited the black woman's vision of beauty and indian religious practices to make money. Then he completely forgot about the definition of good hair. I mean, didn't he begin the film by talking about an incident where his daughter asked him why she didn't have good hair? Every type of black hair was covered except the natural. I watched the documentary assuming that Chris would make a statement about natural hair, but that was left unresolved. Maybe he's planning for a sequel?
As for the controversy surrounding a black man telling the story of a black woman's views.....I don't get it. Ladies need to remember that black men have nappy hair too, and they get the same hair comments as we do. Some of them got longer hair than us. Are men not allowed to have an opinion?

P.S. Favorite Scene: Sodium Hydroxide burning through a piece of chicken...This is why ol' Faithy here no longer peforms the scalp scalding ritual.

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